Espace Canal Événements

Our achievements

Orléans Medical Days

A tailor-made organization in a place adapted to deal with general medicine subjects

Bimbenet 100 years anniversary

A privatized venue, with unique animations for the centenary of the company

French Building Federation - UMGCCP 2019

Turnkey congress, with a single point of contact for the whole event

SFCE 2020

A turnkey congress, with a team of partners attentive to the organizers and participants

Décor alliance

Seminar organized in a frame with a soul, with the analogy of painting

Cinquième Etage

Proposition of fun group activities to create a team spirit within the company

Scientific day at the Jean Villar fertility center polyclinic

A turnkey meeting to deal with medical issues

National Seminar of the Presidents of CME ELSAN

A turnkey organization, technically and humanly for a national event, in a prestigious venue!

CPR Houses

A sensational stay to reward your teams and create unforgettable memories


A magical setting and exceptional events to mark this precious moment of the company

Focus 2019

A venue of exchange dedicated to work on onco-urology themes in Toulouse


Pleasures of the table related activities, in a charming setting!

Les sensationnelles

A tailor-made organization for a venue adapted to the scale of the event and mark the participants with a memorable evening!

Crédit Agricole

A complete organization, including transport, logistics, choice of hotel providers, restaurants and entertainment, for activities combining work and relaxation to unite the teams

GST 20 years anniversary

A privatized boat, a magical venue for a unique event!


A privatized venue with negotiations for site visit, Italian catering, food and wine harmony, mermaid show and musical entertainment with a DJ

Medical Association of Dentists

An organization of professional time and entertainment with an original sensory activity